Logo design

IMMAGE (Investigating Miocene Mediterranean-Atlantic Gateway Exchange) is an international project which is part of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP). Marine gateways play a critical role in the exchange of water, heat, salt and nutrients between oceans and seas. IMMAGE aims to drill cores at both on shore and off shore sites around the Straits of Gibraltar. They’ll be investigating past changes to the climate and how these might affect the future.

We needed to consider a number of key points in developing the IMMAGE logo. These included references to geography and science as well as to the three on shore and three off shore cores. The concepts also needed to work visually without a strapline explainer. The final logo design features 6 stratas with colours that reflect the different layers IMMAGE will be drilling through, from horizon to the seabed. This uses the concept of the stratification of materials found in the samples drilled. We also played around visually with the top strata so it echoed the view through the straits of Gibraltar.

IMMAGE will be using the logo to badge their project on all associated materials from reports to uniforms. In addition to the main logo we created a simplified version for social media.