Brigstow Institute

Promotional materials for launch event

The Brigstow Institute is a new University of Bristol research institute, experimenting in new ways of living and being. We designed print and 3D promotional materials for the institute’s official launch.

These included four designs for 500 cm3 boxes made from 75% recycled and fully recyclable cardboard. The card was digitally printed and had photographic imagery along with illustrations we’d created and content for the different subject areas. These included ‘living well with technology’, ‘living well with difference’, ‘living well with uncertainty’ and ‘plain old living well’. The bright red, blue and bright yellow colours for the designs were taken from the University of Bristol colour palette.

When made up, the boxes created a rigid, lightweight, freestanding display system. The fact that they could be put on top of each other in any order introduced a real sense of playfulness. We thought these different elements ticked all the boxes for the Brigstow Institute. The card could also be folded flat so the boxes could easily be reused for other events.

As well as creating box stands we designed a promotional pack to give out to interested parties. These had hardback covers made from heavyweight, recycled greyboard. Inside there were 20 square format postcards relating to each of Brigstow’s new projects and a square format leaflet. These were all bound together using coloured elastic bands, once more touching on the idea of playfulness and curiousity, as well as using unexpected materials.

We also created a standee, which could be used as a presentation device for each of the projects. This was again made of recycled cardboard and fully recyclable. Printed bespoke information sheets were clamped to the standees using tiny bulldog clips.

The launch, which took place at the Wills’ Memorial Building on 13 October, was a great success and we look forward to finding out more about Brigstow’s exciting projects.

“It’s been a blast!  The team at Green Hat have been central to developing the visual identity and materials for Brigstow – creative, talented, responsive and generally wonderful – thank you!”

Gail Lambourne, Brigstow Institute Manager

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