Best practice

Green hat design consultants are committed to keeping their environmental impact to a minimum. We believe that graphic design should be sustainable and we strive in all ways to try and achieve this. We aim to follow good environmental working practices, which we will review regularly.

What we do?

    1. We have a series of TICK MARKS which allow us to grade the sustainability of the paper and the printer involved with the work we We have five different TICK MARKS that we clearly show on each quote that’s received. The more ticks, the greener the product’s credentials.
    2. We recycle all items in the office where there are facilities available; cardboard, paper, glass and most of our plastic is We also encourage the use of recyclable materials for many of our 3D projects; for example the display boards we use for exhibitions can be re-used or recycled.
    3. We use an ethical business current account for all of our This means that we abide by guidelines that make our working practices and the clients we work for ethical too.
    4. The paper that we use in the office, where possible,is either 100% recycled or FSC certified. (Unfortunately, at present there are no recycled or FSC papers available for our colour printer, as it needs a specially coated paper to produce the best results.)
    5. We aim to use local suppliers for everything in the office, from general office supplies to a pint of milk! We are also members of Bristol Pound and use our local currency whenever possible.
    6. Bristol Fairtrade Network have awarded Green Hat a Fairtrade Workplace Status, this means that we buy Fairtrade products where possible (so if you come in for a meeting your cup of tea and biscuit will be Fairtrade).
    7. We aim to use sustainable methods of transport and walk or cycle when commuting to work or attending local We have an in-house electric bike and use the City Car Club if we need to get to meetings further afield.
    8. We always turn appliances off at the mains and don’t leave them on standby We use low energy light bulbs too.
    9. Our office has a water meter enabling us to successfully monitor the amount of water we use and review it as necessary.
    10. Our website has links to other local sites and ethical
    11. We are committed to corporate social responsibility and donate money and time to our annually chosen charity.
    12. We use a green energy supplier: Ecotricity, which supplies gas and electricity with the lowest carbon footprint in the country.
    13. When we replace electrical items in the office we replace them with items that have a low energy rating.
    14. We highlight the positive environmental aspects of our work and promote these to our clients. To support this aim we created Green Print, a guide to sustainable printing.



Future plans:

  1. To recycle even more, so our waste is as close to zero as possible.
  1. To encourage behavioural change through design, so we can promote greener living and help in the effort to combat climate change.

January 2015